Santander Financial Institute


Santander Financial Institute (SANFI) An international reference in the generation, diffusion and transfer of knowledge in the financial sector. Since its creation in December 2012, in collaboration between Santander Bank, the University of Cantabria and the UCEIF Foundation, the institute has worked to identify, develop, support and promote knowledge, study, talent and innovation in the financial sector. Its training programs, present in 5 countries, some since more than 20 years ago, are characterized by their quality and reputation.

SANFI's mission is to promote talent and knowledge in the area of economic s and finance, giving educational development opportunities to people who aspire to pursue a professional career at a high-level.

We are committed to the values and guiding principles of our founding institutions. Academic excellence, the promotion of the best talent ,and serving the business community are objectives towards which we direct our efforts.

We aspire to offer you an innovative academic approach that complements talent and objectives.

Our Partners

The University of Cantabria, a public institution whose principal aim is to contribute to social progress through its commitment to teaching and scientific excellence.

It is currently one of the nine International Campus of Excellence in Spain and is considered among the ten best universities in the country for scientific quality and productivity.

The collaboration with Santander Bank in postgraduate training has been ongoing since 1996, allowing SANFI a preferential partner, which provides support, knowledge and experience.

In addition, as a result of this collaboration, corporate programs are developed for their professionals.

Improved Teaching

To place training programs in levels of international excellence through permanent quality assessment and improvement.

Scientific Improvements

To achieve ever increasing levels of excellence in the generation, diffusion and knowledge transfer of research activity. To encourage the attraction and motivation of talent, and capture of resources.

Knowledge Transfer

Encourage sustainable economic development and societal values.


Encourage development, particularly among the business and university communities, and encourage relations with local, national and international institutions.