Santander Bank Historical Archive

The Santander Bank Historical Archive is a result of collaboration agreement between the University of Cantabria Foundation for Financial Sector Investigation and Study and the Santander Bank dated 8th February , 2008. This grants the Foundation the task of conserving and managing the historical documentary heritage of the Santander Bank, already ceded to the University of Cantabria, and future incorporations from the Santander Bank archives, attending to their historical interest and value.

In addition to the Santander Bank archives, the Archive has incorporated those pertaining to 33 other financial bodies acquired by the Santander Bank over the course if its history, notably those of the great Madrid banks, Central, Hispano Americano and Español de Crédito or important Catalan banks, such as Tusquets or Soler y Hermanos Torres. More than 26000 documents are catalogued, the oldest dating from 1565.

From the Santander Bank Historical Archive we work to encourage and the research community providing access to the documental heritage of the Santander Group. To do so, moreover, within the framework of a society based on global knowledge, our Archive intends to convert the use of new information and communication technologies as an essential research tool to facilitate access to our documentation well beyond the limits of a traditional archive. In this sense, the Santander Bank Historical Archive is the first bank archive accessible online, prior user identification and approval as pertaining to the academic and research community.

Similarly, the Santander Bank Historical Archive aims to advance in the coordination and management of documental heritage generated outside of Spain, as such one of the principal lines of activity is directed towards the digitalization of the rich sources of documents within the archive catalogue, in particular those from Latin America.

Moreover, Santander Bank Historical Archive is actively committed to knowledge diffusion in the area of Financial and Banking history through, among other projects, a line of publications in collaboration with the University of Cantabria, and the celebration of seminars, summer courses and congresses. As such, the international congress, in collaboration with the European Association for banking and Financial History was organized in 2016 which treated the origins of banking globalization with the financial relationships between Spain and Latin America.

The Santander Bank Historical Archive is located in the Cantabrian municipality of Medio Cudeyo, next to the Santander Bank Data Processing Centre, where it hopes to offer the researcher or those interested in financial history an integrated architectural solution which serves as archive, library, exhibition hall and congresses, and individual or group research space.