Doctoral Thesis

The UCEIF Foundation calls for proposals for the DOCTORAL THESIS AWARD with an aim to promote and recognize knowledge generation, encouraging study and research in the financial sector through actions in the doctoral field.


The Santander Financial Institute awards a unique Annual Doctoral Thesis prize, with a 4000 € endowment accompanied by a corresponding Diploma. In addition, the UCEIF Foundation may grant the runner-up with an economic endowment of 2,000 euros.

Doctors who opt for the prize must have defended their Doctoral Thesis during the year prior to application, obtaining a grade of "Outstanding Cum Laude". The Doctoral Thesis submitted for the award should be about a research topic in the financial sector field.

Doctoral Theses participating in the award will be evaluated by a Jury formed by renowned academics and professional experts.

Below, the titles of the award winning theses:

Year 2017

Prize: “Three essays on financial markets” presented by D. Iván Blanco Sánchez.

Year 2016

Prize: "Sovereign risk and monetary policy: effects on bank loans and commercial credit" presented by Maria Cantero Saiz, of the University of Cantabria.

Year 2015

Prize: "FOUR ESSAYS ON COMMODITY MARKETS: ASSET ALLOCATION, PRICING AND RISK MANAGEMENT" presented by Carlos González Pedraz, from the Carlos III University.

Runner-up: "MODELING SYSTEMIC RISK IN FINANCIAL MARKETS" presented by Andrea Ugolini of the University of Santiago de Compostela.

Year 2014

Prize: "Santander Financial Institute for the thesis SYSTEMIC RISK: MEASURES AND DETERMINATS" presented by Ms. María Rodríguez Moreno from the Carlos III University of Madrid.

Runner-up: “Valuation of derivative assets under cyclical mean-reversion processes for spot prices" presented by D. Federico Platania of the Complutense University of Madrid.

Year 2013

Prize: "Investor sentiment effect in European stock Markets", Elena Ferrer Zubiate. Public University of Navarra.

Runner-up: "Financial liberalization and market discipline in different legal and institutional environments. Implications for bank risk", Elena Cubillas Martín. Univ. Oviedo.

Year 2012

Prize: "Essays on financial stability and corporate finance", Mónica López-Puertas Lamy, Autonomous University of Barcelona.

Year 2011

Prize: “Four Essays on the lnteraction between Credit Derivatives and Fixed lncome Markets”, Sergio Mayordomo, Carlos 111 University of Madrid.

Runner-up: "Study on the Management Fees of the Spanish Investment Funds (Essays on Management Fees of the Spanish Mutual Fund Industry)”, Ana Carmen Díaz, University of the Basque Country.

Year 2010

Prize: "Liquidity in the choice of portfolios and dynamic behavior of profitability: stochastic volatility and jumps", Ana González Arteaga, University of the Basque Country.

Year 2009

Prize: "The Regulatory Capital for Operational Risk", Enrique José Jiménez Rodríguez, Pablo de Olavide University.

Year 2008

Prize: “Volatility in Financial Markets: Asymmetries, Spilloversand Trading Rules”, Elena Chulia, University of Valencia..

Runner-up: “Model of calculation of economic capital by credit risk, applying generalized elliptic copulas, grouped copulations and theory of extreme values”, Adán Díaz, Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education.

Year 2007

Prize: "Credit risk and banking regulation", Abel Elizalde, Public University of Navarra.

Runner-up: “Three applications of the Valuation of Options Theory”, Isabel Abinzano, University of Navarra.