Master in Foreign Trade and Investment
Madrid (Spain)

Online and Classroom
Start Date
October 2018
End Date
June 2019
9 months (500 hours)

He leads the processes of internationalization in the company with a program that is compatible with the professional activity.

SANFI and ICOMEX Campus join to offer a program adapted to the needs of internationalization of companies that has experienced professionals in the sector.


Main Objective:

To train employees capable of leading corporate internationalization, offering a global vision of business and internationalization, in such a way that both core business and internationalization are viewed together through work on economics, finances, sales, human resources, logistics and promotion, in a practical and up-to-date context.

Specific objectives:

  • Provide a real understanding of the national and international economies, basic knowledge of accountancy and finance for business management, along with the keys to interpret economic diagnostics and the knowledge to lead in internationalization.
  • Supply the knowledge necessary to access foreign markets, and tools to develop and implement business strategy towards certain objectives.
  • Offer a practical vision of systems management and international procedure.
  • Provide a basis for new technologies applied to internationalization and international entrepreneurship in the foreign trade and global business sector.

Methodology based on the development of eminently practical activities. The objective is to facilitate concrete tools, both operative and practical, through the exercises proposed.

This Master's is comprised of two methodologies:

  • Classroom (150 hours): classes based on case studies in the development of activities.
  • E-learning (350 Hours): Master develops a number of hours online allowing the students to manage their own learning, reducing the number of hours face-to-face and encouraging course compatibility with professional activity.

Students enjoy access to individual tuition for any doubts which may arise during the course.

The program is taught by an excellent teaching team of executives and professional experts, together with highly experienced university professors.

Classes are held in the Madrid SANFI center on Friday afternoons and Saturdays, once or twice a month until the program’s conclusion.

International Market Analysis
  • Country risk analysis: concepts, type, uses and agents.
  • Main indicators and analysis of economic ratios.
  • The multi-lateral financial institutions.
  • Wealth generation and globalization.
Business Management and Internationalization
Markets Analysis and Selection for the Company
Information Sources
Finances for Nonexperts
  • Annual accounts. Audits and financial analysis I (ratios).
  • Financial analysis (II).
  • Practical basis of financial analysis.
  • Introduction to financial mathematics (interest, updated value, capitalization).
  • Earnings and loans.
Financing and Methods of Payment
  • The risks in international trade.
  • The methods of payments in international commerce: simple and documented.
  • Payment collection.
  • Credit documents.
  • The use of guarantees International Commerce.
  • Financing International commerce.
Currency Markets and Exchange Rates
  • Currency markets.
  • Coverage of exchange rates.
International Contracts
  • Introduction: contracts in general.
  • The international purchase contract.
  • Intermediary contracts.
  • Collaboration contracts.
  • Protection of industrial and intellectual property.
Customs and Fiscal Management
  • International Trade operations. Customs Management.
  • VAT in the company and its application.
  • European Union Legislation.
  • National and International Taxation.
Marketing and Sales
  • National and international Marketing.
  • Business Promotion instruments.
  • Identifying the product or serve Target.
  • Market Position.
  • Project and Service Pricing according to Target.
Company Distribution and Logistics
  • Distribution planning as business strategy.
  • Warehouse and stock management.
  • Incoterms 2010.
  • Logistics and international transport.
  • Document management and international operations.
  • Merchandise and service insurance.
Introduction to E-Commerce and Online Marketing
Introduction to E-Commerce
  • Fundamental Variables.
  • Differences to offline commerce.
  • The future of e-commerce.
  • Basics of technology for e-commerce.
  • E-Commerce System: CMS.
Marketing online:
  • Basics of marketing online.
  • Content.
  • Online Marketing tools.
  • SEO and SEM Basics.
International Tenders and Multilateral Market
  • Multilateral institutions and bodies.
  • Multilateral project cycle.
  • Business opportunity registers detection.
  • Contract procedures in multilateral tenders.
  • Expression of interest.
  • Technical and financial proposal elaboration.

The University of Cantabria Master of International Commerce and Investment will be awarded on course completion.

Registration fees are 5.850 €

The program is aimed at experienced professionals working in international departments or with prior financial knowledge who wish to develop a professional career in COMEX or internationalization.

Admission requisites: holder of an officially recognized Spanish university degree (First degree or equivalent, Engineer or Architect, Diplomas or Technical Engineer) or previously homologated equivalent qualifications from other educational systems of a similar level.

Admission to the Master is possible without having obtained a University Degree, if the candidate can accredit a reduced number of pending credits for completion. According to the University of Cantabria rules experienced professionals may be admitted providing they meet University requirements.

Selection will be made following a rigorous process in which the curriculum and personal attributes of the candidate will be valued. Following the initial selection, a personal interview will be held with each of the selected candidates.

The admission process is OPEN and the NECESSARY DOCUMENTS are:

Documents should be sent by email to