Financial Education

Finance for All Award for the Year 2018

Finance for Mortals, the financial education project promoted by the Santander Financial Institute (SanFi), the international center of the UCEIF Foundation and which is under the patronage of Banco Santander, has become the best financial education initiative in 2018, in the category of implementation of the Financial Education Plan, of the Finance for All Award, promoted by the Bank of Spain and the National Securities Market Commission.

This is one of the most important financial education programs in Spain. Promoted by Santander Bank, the program was launched in 2014 with a clear objective: to improve society’s weak understanding of how finance works.

To achieve this aim, efforts were concentrated on:


The Finance for Mortals web offers a wide range of resources, from the simple “eco-financial” explanations of national and international concepts today, access to information and tools to help with common financial tasks, to analysis and articles by prestigious authors and experts.

Moreover, it is backed up by too great tools: RetoFxM, a question and answer game which puts our financial knowledge to the test; and Wikifinances, a dictionary to explain more than 1100 economic terms in a clear and accessible manner for all publics. Moreover, both are available in App form for iOS and Android, where you can access a wide selection of concepts organized by categories.

In the Classroom

The FxM project is responsible for around 2000 training sessions to date: a network of 750 volunteers, in the most part Santander Bank employees with sharing their expert knowledge with more than 17000 participants. This means more than 47000 hours of training across the whole of Spain, catering for a wide range of different publics, though paying special attention to the young and those in danger of social exclusion.

Present across Spain

Finance for Mortals is to be found in all Spanish regional autonomies through the training sessions of the FxM Acts program.
19 March, 2019

La Escuela Técnico Profesional Hernán Cortés visita Finanzas para Mortales

Más de 30 alumnos visitaron El Solaruco, sede de Finanzas para Mortales, para recibir los diplomas acreditativos de su formación en educación financiera. Finanzas para Mortales, […]
13 March, 2019

El Consello Social de la UDC celebra las jornadas Finanzas para Mortales impulsadas por SANFI y Banco Santander

El Consello Social de la Universidade da Coruña (UDC) celebra hoy y mañana las jornadas formativas Finanzas para Mortales organizadas por Santander Financial Institute (SANFI) e […]
11 March, 2019

Santander y SANFI clausuran una nueva edición del programa Apolo

Un total de 16 alumnos culminaron con éxito el Máster en Dirección Bancaria. Programa Apolo certificado por la Universidad de Cantabria Santander España, junto con SANFI […]
5 March, 2019

SANFI celebra la XII convocatoria de los Premios a la Investigación

El Santander Financial Institute (SANFI), con el respaldo de Banco Santander, galardona a Ana Mol (Universidad de Alicante) con el premio Ayudas a la Investigación para […]
5 March, 2019

Santander, SANFI y la Universidad de Salamanca presentan las II Jornadas de Educación Financiera para Colegios

La iniciativa Finanzas para Mortales, promovida por la Fundación UCEIF a través del Santander Financial Institute (SanFi), la Universidad de Salamanca a través de la Fundación […]