Santander Financial Institute

An international reference in the generation, diffusion and transfer of knowledge in the financial sector. Since its creation in December 2012, in collaboration between Santander Bank, the University of Cantabria and the UCEIF Foundation, the institute has worked to identify, develop, support and promote knowledge, learning, talent and innovation in the financial sector. As a leader in excellence and social impact, the center promotes sustainable leadership and social responsibility, contributing to welfare, development and social progress.


Finance for mortals was born with a mission: that finance, such a serious, technical world, accessible to the chosen few, should open itself up to the rest of mortals… In short, to the rest of us. We want financial education available for all to understand what is going on in the news, in politics, to comprehend exactly they are being told when they go to the bank to ask for a loan, or what their mortgage depends on. What is more, we don’t just want then to understand, but to feel free to express their doubts and opinions.